New Product Development

Your great idea is an excellent starting place, but do you know the next steps?

This is where we come in. Think of us not only as Product Designers, but as guides who are here to help you during every step of the way ensuring that your great idea is realized and transformed into an excellent product ready for market.

The excitement and thrill of seeing a product develop from an idea into a physical item is something that will never grow old for us. The excitement is as fresh as the first time we developed a product and saw it come to life.

We have broken the process down into 6 simple to follow steps to give you an idea of what it takes.

The Truth

Let us get straight to the point - taking a product to market isn’t a walk in the park. 90% of all new products never make it. This is why we want to help you to ensure that your product is in the 10% of products that do.

To make the 10% cut you will need an amazing idea, a great product design consultancy, time, patience, the drive to succeed and money.

The most challenging aspect of the process will be finding investors if you are not personally funding it. To receive funding you will need excellent design that adds value to the product making it stand out from the crowd paired with high quality prototypes ensuring the initial costs of the product are as low as possible.