What We Offer

Product Design / Industrial Design

We offer a comprehensive Product Design service ranging from concept generation right the way through to helping you find the perfect manufacturers for your product. We have experience in new product development and our team of highly skilled product designers will work with you to help take your idea from a concept all the way through to production.

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Graphic Design

We are primarily a branding consultancy and specialize in product branding and packaging but we have worked on a number of other areas such as print in the past.

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Web Design

In need of a website? We are fully competent in developing sites in HTML and CSS. We take great pride in developing sites that are intuitive, easy to navigate and look stunning.

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Where Are We

Burlington, Vermont

We are proudly located in Burlingotn, VT offering product design, web design and graphic design services to companies and individuals.

We primarily work with US based clients but have worked for a number of clients worldwide so don't let our location hinder your project.

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary, multi-talented collective.

We have colleagues who are specialised in all major areas of the Product Design, Graphic Design and Web Design processes. Contact one of our teams now to see how we can help you.